Specialist areas:

  • Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Learning Disabilities and Neurodiversity
  • Coaching, Mentoring and Training
  • Copywriting, Editing, Writing
  • Youth work and Developmental Trauma/C-PTSD

I am passionate about creating spaces both internally (honouring our personal stories) and externally for all individuals to build self-worth, find their voice, become leaders in their own lives and sharing their knowledge and talents: creating a caring and empowered community, active citizens rather than passive consumers.

I have 35 years of working with people within the NHS, Social Care charities and Education. I have years of experience teaching and working with young people and adults with learning disabilities in various settings. I have son with Down’s syndrome and advocate for the rights of adults with learning disabilities and their carers, having worked as a lead specialist for organisation supporting carers. But I also, for a number of years, have creatively coached and mentored young people aged 12-25 years facing multiple challenges, including developmental trauma. I have recently completed a self-help book aimed at young people which I also hope will enable me to talk to more young people and work with the services that support them to become more trauma informed.