Co-production – citizens, carers and health and social professionals working equally, alongside each other to co-design services and supports for all.


Person centred practice & Asset Based approaches – using the whole toolkit of approaches to support individuals to take control of their own lives, while also enabling teams, Organisations & communities to work better together.

Circles of support – the key to well-being is strong, good quality relationships. Circles and other relational approaches ensure a preventative solution to enable social care services to focus on what they are best at.

I am passionate about social inclusion and social justice and the power of people with lived experience leading the way. I also believe that there is a lot more to do in harnessing the assets and capacities that exist within our communities, which often lie untapped.

I have had a diverse 36-year career in both the Statutory and Voluntary sector, with a history of unearthing and adapting best practice into local, regional and national situations. I have a brother with a learning disability who inspires me through his experience of living his best life at the centre of his community. I have also set up a Co-productive Community Interest Company and I am a Trustee of an Arts and Media Charity.