Working together to support Suicide Prevention #WorldMentalHealthDay

Today is the World Health Organisation's #WorldMentalHealthDay. This year the focus is around Suicide Prevention; we have to unite our efforts to improve the mental health of everyone around the world. We know this is a growing concern across many areas within our communities.  September 10 was #WorldSuicidePreventionDay and one month on this is another opportunity to continue the discussions around Suicide Prevention and it's link with Mental Health. 

There are many ways that you can help, as an individual, a leader or an organisation.  By taking part in the '40 seconds of action' campaign you have the chance to make a difference. This could be something as simple as taking 40 seconds to start a conversation with someone you trust, about how you are feeling. It could be creating a 40 second video message, highlighting the 40 second campaign in a blog, or taking 40 seconds to think of a positive message you can send around your organisation.

In this short video our Chief Executive Sarah Day and Associate Sue Revell talk about the difference we can all make in our work, our homes and in our communities. 

This is an area we are passionate about at Practice Solutions, both in the work we deliver and by providing our staff with the support and information they need.  For more information please download the World Health Organisation flyer:


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