Working together effectively is the challenge for all of us

Working together effectively is the challenge for all of us

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Gabe Conlon is a managing consultant at Practice Solutions Ltd and has over 35 years of experience working in health and social care. He also happens to be the founder of Practice Solutions Ltd too!

Social Care Week is taking place this week from 15 to 19 June. This annual event aims to raise awareness and focus on the 88,000 workers providing essential social and childcare services across Wales. This week is an opportunity to celebrate their contribution to the well-being of our population and will reach its peak on Thursday with the Accolades awards. The Accolades, organised by the Care Council for Wales, showcase excellence in care and celebrate the accomplishments of so many.

There is much to celebrate, Social Care Week is about working together to achieve positive outcomes for people with a wide range of complex personal needs. Social care is a team effort often involving contributions from paid staff, families and other professionals. Without working well together, it is very unlikely that we will overcome the challenges posed by an increasing and aging population. 

One of the most significant challenges we face is protecting the most vulnerable from abuse and neglect, be it at home, or in health and social care services. It is not sufficient to stop abuse after the event. We have to stop it before it starts!

Every one of us has the right to a life free from fear. The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales this week calls for a strengthening of the law with regard to safeguarding and protecting the most vulnerable. There must be consequences for abject failures to provide dignified, respectful and safe services. The abuse of older people, in particular, probably stems from a pervading culture which fails to recognise the contribution older people have made, and continue to make, to the fabric of our society.

It is a strange world that needs a specific law to protect older people’s right to fair and equitable treatment but we may need it to overcome our prejudicial attitudes.

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