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Guidance on Best Practice in Service User and Carer Engagement Consultation

The Wales Mental Health & Wellbeing Forum have been commissioned by Welsh Government to lay out recommendations for best practice in co-production.

The resulting guidance document is open for consultation from 25 October 2021 to 31 January 2022.

The guidance builds on the foundation laid by Stronger in Partnership 1 and 2 and aims to provide a basis for a consistent approach, across Wales.

It covers engagement processes that are run internally within organisations and also processes which ensure external independent contributions are heard, valued and protected.

The guidance is based on experiences of service user and carer engagement within adult services, however much of it would be equally applicable to children’s services.

It is written to be as relevant as possible to all, but may require adaptation to organisational circumstances, such as recruitment and HR policies in larger employers such as the NHS and Local Authorities.

The document lays out the ambition to increase opportunities for mental health service users and carers in Wales to take part in engagement activities at a range of levels as appropriate to their preference, commitment, experience and capability (with support).

The ultimate aim is to see the co-production of all future Mental Health services, strategies and policies.


How can I take part?

Your views are important, we want to make sure everyone has a voice and is being listened to.

The consultation is open to anyone not just professionals working in Mental Health, though it is important that they are fully involved and engaged the process. The forum is particularly keen to hear from people with lived experience and their friends, families and carers.

If you need support to undertake this consultation, facilitating a session or any other advice please contact the team directly on please on mhforum@practicesolutions-ltd.co.uk or call 01443 808060 / 07563 928694 

There are a number of ways that you can take part in this consultation process.

  • Read the guidance document, an Easy Read Version will also be available
  • Complete our feedback survey:
    • Either via our online tool, or
    • You can use the Word document version
    • If you require a hard copy version please contact us on mhforum@practicesolutions-ltd.co.uk or call 01443 808060 / 07563 928694 
  • Attend one of our engagement events:
  • Lead a facilitated session within your organisation or group:
    • The facilitator pack provides you with resources needed to run small group sessions, such as tasks and questions.
    • We recognise how busy people are and that not everyone will be able to attend the public sessions, these are opporutnites to run your own session with colleagues.
    • We want to collect thoughts from across your organisation as well as individuals responses
    • Some people may not be comfortable speaking in a group they dont know, these sessions offer the chance to discuss your thoughts in a group you feel comfortable with.

What will happen next?

Once the consultation has closed, the Forum will bring together the feedback from all participants to create a revised guidance document.  

This will then be published on the Forum website and distributed to all stakeholders via Welsh Government and the Forum. 

Key Documents

Please click a link below to download the documents (availble from 25 October 21)

  • Download Guidance as a pdf here (pdf)
  • Download Guidance as a word document here (word)
  • Download Easy Read Guidance as a pdf here (pdf)
  • Complete online survey here (link)
  • Download word version of the survey here (word)
  • Download Facilitators Pack as a pdf here (pdf)

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