What does it mean to be a Healthy Organisation?

What does it mean to be a Healthy Organisation?

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The question of what it means to be a Healthy Organisation, has never been more relevant than now, for our workforces across the public, private and third sector. Ensuring our workforces have the skills needed to adapt to and discover new ways to stimulate innovation is a crucial part of creating a healthy, happy and more productive organisation.

As part of our 20th anniversary celebrations, Practice Solutions have been working with a small number of forward-thinking clients to examine what it takes to develop and sustain a ‘healthy organisation’.  We have delivered 8 workshops to 88 participants across public, private and third sector organisations to identify some of the key questions being faced and to identify potential solutions.

These have been well received, with 100% of participants feeding back agreeing that these were timely and relevant workshops and 80% rating our facilitators knowledge of the subject as excellent. (based on 76/88 responses)

“Really useful to think and take stock. Some key pieces of work to take forward.”

“Highly relevant and appropriate thought-provoking workshop; excellent facilitation.”

Why are leaders responding so strongly to this work?  Perhaps because there is an urgent need for senior management to pause and reflect on the direction of travel for their organisations; in terms of how they can become healthier.  The benefits of a healthy and happy workforce have been long proven.  The conversation is no longer about the why, but how do we do this. 

But, the key question to think about is, what does being a Healthy Organisation mean to you?

We'll be identifying areas for leaders to consider to help them develop a healthy organisation. This information will be shared with you over the next few months as we start to define some of those components which can help organisations drive productivity, better services and innovation. Whilst there is undoubtedly common ground raised across sectors and organisations, is it also about how you as leaders, then tailor that information and learning to suit the individual needs of your organisation and your staff.

If you would like more information around our Healthy Organisation workshops, click here and register your interest for our free sharing event on 25 February, 2020.


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