LA Social Services Report Guidance

A requirement of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 is that local authorities in Wales must produce an annual report on the exercise of their social services functions.  This report must be in a form set out in the Local Authority Social Services Annual Reports (Prescribed Form) (Wales) Regulations 2017. [ made]. There is also guidance produced in partnership with the Association of Directors of Social Services Cymru on the style and content of the annual reports which can be found here.

Welsh Government have commissioned Practice Solutions Ltd to review and revise the guidance following the introduction of the new Performance and Improvement Framework in April 2020.

Practice Solutions Ltd have been asked to consult widely, revise and provide draft guidance for Welsh Government consideration and then to disseminate the approved guidance. This exercise will comprise several parts:        

  • Awareness raising of the exercise
  • Background research and review of past reports
  • Surveys to capture the views of those who have an interest in the preparation, content and use of the annual social services report. These will include representative organisations for service users and carers, care providers including the private and third sectors, local authorities including elected members, partner organisations e.g., regional partnership boards and health boards, the NHS Confederation, Data Cymru, Welsh Local Government Association, the Association of Directors of Social Services Cymru, statutory regulators and the commissioners
  • Engagement Workshops (3-4) either face to face or virtual depending on attendee availability, preference and public health advice at the time
  • Drafting of the guidance for consideration by Welsh Ministers
  • Dissemination through a range of channels and at least one dissemination event.

The objective of this project is to develop new guidance which:

  • is the product of wide participation by all those who have an interest in the social services annual report including those representing service users and carers, care providers, local authorities and social services professionals, partners, regulators and those involved in scrutiny processes
  • is fully up to date with the Performance and Improvement Framework and metrics which bear on local authority social services
  • helps to produce annual reports that are balanced, informative and accessible in format and language and are a key driver in the social services business improvement processes
  • is disseminated widely

Practice Solutions Ltd will be setting up a website with information about this project and a mailbox for enquiries and responses. Details will be notified separately.

This will be an important piece of work and your active participation will be greatly appreciated.

I weld y rheoliadau presennol cliciwch yma ​​​​​​

To view the current regulations click here

To view the existing guidance click here

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