A film about care - made with and for care-experienced young people and children in the Vale

This Autumn the digital media team at Practice Solutions worked in partnership with a group of children who are looked after and officers from the Vale of Glamorgan Council to co-produce a short information video. 

The video was created for young people and children who become looked after by the local authority, and provides useful information, in an accessible format, about what to expect and what support is available to ensure children remain safe and happy.  

The project has, on a practical level, involved teaching the young people how to use the camera and audio equipment, sharing and developing ideas for relevant content and then collectively producing the final video - as well as appearing on camera and interviewing other participants. The two-fold benefit of this co-produced video is not only a product that will support other children and young people, but that has also enabled the children involved in the production to learn new skills and gain confidence.

The completed video will be shown to all children and young people who are looked after in the Vale of Glamorgan, to inform their experience and understanding of what it means to be involved with Children's Services.

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