Update from Chief Exec Sarah Day

Update from Chief Exec Sarah Day

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The world now, is a very different place – full of very distinct contrasts. For Practice Solutions, we may all be working in isolation, but many of our team are now working more closely than ever. From a personal perspective I recognise that this regular contact and communication is what I need to thrive. New ways of using technology to work are becoming more embedded in our internal work landscape. This helps us to make sure that we can continue to deliver good business outcomes for our clients and the needs of their workforce, the majority of whom are dealing with the impact of Covid-19 on the frontline of health, social care and public services. However, in this time of crisis it is just as important that the voice of those people in receipt of care and support, and those most vulnerable in our society, are not just heard but listened to, to drive the immediate and future changes needed.

The Covid 19 crisis has forced us all to focus in a way that we’ve never done before. The wheels of business, pre Covid 19, stopped turning within a moment. This gave us the unique opportunity to pause and reflect on what type of support our clients now need to help the creation of a new normal. As an organisation we need to hold onto the commitment, patience, energy and creativity of our people to stay visible, relevant and ready to support.

Since this lock down it has been extremely humbling to watch how colleagues and friends have knuckled down and worked tirelessly to manage the immediate crisis in the best way possible; there has been a huge personal and human impact. The work they must do and the decisions they must make, whilst at the same time keeping children, families and vulnerable members of our communities safe is not an easy task. After nearly two months, the seeds of change are emerging, people are working differently to make things happen and it’s important that the positive changes are recognised and considered as we start to plan towards the “return to the workplace”.

The message ‘together we can do more’ remains as relevant as it has ever done. However, we need to create the right conditions for that partnership working to be effective. In the next couple of weeks, we are running a number of virtual events to support this, as well as offering a range of immediate services that you can find out more about here.

Next Wednesday, will be the first in our series of virtual collaboartive conversations designed to give leaders and managers the opportunity to pause and reflect on the impact of the current situation, as well as the impact to the wellbeing and mental health of their workforce. We know that for organisations to get through this there needs to be courageous leadership, clear communication and a healthy culture that embraces the changes needed in response to Covid-19. Our online conversations will utilise the learning from our Developing Healthy Organisation programme to support organisation in their thinking about these changes.

As well as reconfiguring our Developing Healthy Organisations programme, we will be hosting regular
Twitter hours over the coming weeks (starting on Tuesday 5 May 20:00 –21:00). Using the #HealthyOrgHour, these real time, online conversations will help people come together across the spectrum of public services to positively redefine the new norm.

No matter how difficult things become we must make the time to learn from these experiences to ensure that we can best protect ourselves, the wellbeing of our workforce and our communities, to live as well as we can, now and in the future.

Sarah Day, 
Chief Executive

Practice Solutions

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