The Difficult Dozen - Developing Healthy Organisations

The Difficult Dozen - Developing Healthy Organisations

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Excitement is building as we head into the final few days before our event on Tuesday 25 Feb.

The Difficult Dozen has been developed over the past six months in response to some of the key learning in the Developing Healthy Organisation programme. It has been very useful at focusing organisations on what they are doing right and what they need to do next. There is no quick solution to the challenges this work has identified, but one of the key outcomes of this work has been creating this framework that organisations can challenge themselves around, so they can start to shape some of the answers. The Difficult Dozen are a tool that senior leaders can utilise to help drive change in a targeted way. The full report will be available following the event next Tuesday. 

As for the event itself, we have a packed session planned, including a panel discussion with participants in the programme. We also have guest speakers including, Chris Bolton, from Good Practice Exchange, talking about Trojan Mice, and Lisa Knight Davies from Monmouthshire County Council, talking about working in-between the cracks of the organisation.

The Developing Healthy Organisations Programme is about more than delivering a number of workshops. As we move through the programme, identifying the emerging themes and big questions, we want to build collaboration and create meaningful action that will help not only those participating organisations, but others across the wider sector.

The report covers well known areas of culture, communications and leadership, but can be used as a useful tool for shaping the conversations that need to be had with management teams across your organisation, as one participant said:

“This was a good time to take a step back and think about the bigger picture in relation to staff well-being and organisation direction”.

For us this is just the starting point and our ambition is to continue to facilitate, support, challenge and champion developing healthy organisations. We want to do this as a coalition of the willing, and are reliant on the input and involvement of those who can help lead the way in unlocking the potential of people to deliver brilliant public services. We hope that our framework and the Difficult Dozen as we call them, will help you to start your journey.

If you are unable to attend next week, you can join the conversation on-line:


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