Silver Small Workplace Health Award!

Silver Small Workplace Health Award!

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Congratulations to Practice Solutions and a special thanks to the PSL health and well-being team, Katie, Jojo and Glenda, without whom none of this would have been possible.

An initiative from the Welsh Government, the small workplace health award is the new national mark of quality for health and well-being in the workplace, for businesses and organisations employing fewer than 50 people.

The assessor commented:

"There have been some organisational changes since receipt of the Bronze award in 2012, yet today’s visit clearly indicated [Practice Solution] is still a kind, caring and supportive organisation with a family approach taken in its operations. The Health, Safety and Well-being Timetable assists in focussing everybody on future initiatives and the involvement of Associates as well as Core Team members, which is seen as a priority, is commendable. The Clonc newsletter, that is published monthly, is invaluable in staff engagement and communication and publication of relevant well-being topics. The benefits of a healthy workforce and environment are recognised and the organisation's culture makes this objective easier, and the recently appointed Chief Executive and Board are fully supportive of any initiatives, etc., that helps achieve this.

It is a delight that Practice Solutions Limited have achieved the silver level award and I wish them every success in working towards the gold level."

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