There’s been a call for greater citizen involvement in how health and social care is provided, especially from the individuals receiving those services. There is also a concern that paper records are an unengaging and rigid way of sharing information.


SeeME is an approach for sharing information using digital technology. Staff and management are trained to use filming, editing and sharing technology, delivering a revolutionary new approach to providing care.

PSL works with organisations to tailor the technology, processes and policies needed to implement this new method of sharing information. This includes training and supporting staff, giving them the confidence and passion to make this permanent change.

This approach is an engaging and efficient alternative to paper records. Staff can work with individuals to create a film that accurately represents them, shows how they wish to receive care, and explain their wishes in their own voice. It promotes the ideals of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act, giving individuals greater control of the support they receive, and making decisions as an equal partner.

For whom?

  • Care homes: videos demonstrating the personality, history and families of people with dementia
  • Fostering: videos demonstrating a foster carer’s house, and videos showing the personality and history of a foster child
  • Domiciliary care: videos showing how individuals like tasks to be completed, and where things are in their house
  • Austism: giving a voice to individuals, demonstrating their abilities and aims

And so much more...

SeeME enables people to share information about:

  • the important people and things in their life
  • what they like
  • what they don’t like
  • their skills and abilities, dreams and aspirations, etc.

SeeME can be recorded on everyday devices like smartphones or iPads and can be shared electronically.