What is SeeME?

SeeME is a tool for improving people’s lives. It helps people who receive support services to have more of a say, and enables providers to develop better services, using digital video technology. 

SeeME has been created by Practice Solutions, who are experts in using technology to record important, often complex information, sensitively. This also means working with and training other professionals to do so, and helping providers to realise the organisational changes necessary to get the best use from digital technology. At the heart of creating SeeME profiles is the focus on improving outcomes for people. It encourages them to increase their independence and have more of a say in their lives.

Creating SeeMe profiles involves working with organisations to safely record, store and share information using everyday technology. We use a person-centred, strength-based approach to support people to have a greater say and control over their lives. This could be, for example – people living in a care home, attending a day service, a foster carer who looks after children, a child who has been placed in foster care, or a person with a disability who receives support in their homes. 

The recorded information offers insight into a person's life, their routines, their likes, dislikes and aspirations. Most importantly, it gives control to that person on what is shared and allows them to share it in their own voice. 

These video profiles enable service providers to move away from relying on paper records - which can be an unengaging and limited.  Plus these are often written by other people  and so provide a very one dimensional picture of the person.

What are the benefits of SeeME?


For children and adults receiving care and support:

  • SeeME profile videos allow people to use their own voice, giving them more control over what is communicated about them.  They are fully involved and can see what is recorded and have much more of a say and control over these records.
  • SeeME can show what is important for that individual, how they want to be supported, hobbies, skills, interests and relationships.
  • Information can be videod and edited simply – without fuss, using a smart phone or tablet, and stored safely so only those who have permission to access it can do so.
  • The recordings are done by people who understand the person and know what is important to them.  They are trained to use the technology to communicate and share information that people need.
  • people who know how to communicate with people  who may have sensitive and complex care and support needs and are fully trained to use video technology successfully.

Trevor discusses his SeeME profile and the benefits of having a video record:


For service providers:

  • SeeME offers a new approach to recording information, that delivers on the requirement of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 to improve the well-being of people and carers by involving individuals as equal partners in decisions over their care and support.
  • SeeME Profiles allow services to become more efficient and effective. They are a quick yet detailed way for practitioners to become familiar with individuals and their situations to know how best to support the individual.
  • SeeME can be commissioned in phases dependent on the needs of the organisation.  The bespoke change programme will be developed in consultation with the lead/sponsoring managers. 
  • SeeME profiles are recorded and shared using processes that meet safeguarding requirements and information is stored on a secure system (e.g. Dropbox), to be safely accessed by other service professionals involved in a person’s life.

For practitioners:

  • Using SeeME as a way of recording information provides the opportunity to develop greater confidence and enjoyment in working with individuals, whilst at the same time improving the quality of care and support. 
  • Co-producing SeeMe profiles can build positive relationships between individuals, their families and professionals, improving the well-being of all involved.
  • Allowing individuals to express themselves in their own way provides them with a stronger voice.  This can help improve outcomes and ensure people achieve what matters to them.


How does Practice Solutions work with people to develop SeeME profiles?


As part of our approach, Practice Solutions works with organisations ¬– across the whole project team, from senior managers to IT and frontline staff – to tailor the technology, processes and policies needed to implement this new method of sharing information. This includes reviewing and resolving any challenges, training and supporting staff, to help them gain confidence and supporting themto make a permanent change.

Practice Solutions offers a completely flexible approach that includes designing and developing bespoke training and development events covering skills and change transitions and building best coaching support models for line managers.

Our approach supports staff to work with individuals to create short, relevant s film that accurately represents them, shows how they wish to receive care, and demonstrates their wishes in a way that gives them control.

SeeME promotes the ideals of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act, giving individuals greater control of the support they receive, and making decisions as an equal partner.


"From the very beginning I have been so impressed with both Melys and Sarah. The SeeMe Project is something I am very excited about. Their knowledge, passion and professionalism is second to none, and I feel privileged to work alongside them on such a fantastic project."

Rebecca Eadley, Project Officer, Cartefi Cymru co-operative

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