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Being able to access the right information, at the right time, is vitally important for any individual. However, In today’s increasingly complex world, it can be difficult to find the relevant information, from a trusted source, in a place and format that is easy to use; whether that is in a personal or professional capacity. To overcome these challenges, ORB provides a clear opportunity for organisations delivering services, to interact digitally with their workforce or members of the public.

What is ORB?

ORB is a simple and intuitive App, which can be used on any tablet, smartphone or computer. It provides individual pathways to a specific resource or service, developed in-house or available on the internet. These are clearly presented within the App, via buttons on a circular user interface.

ORB provides a fully customisable portal for information and resources.

How will ORB help my organisation?

  • Makes it easier for your employees, your staff or, individuals, to access the information they need, 24/7, wherever they are
  • Brings timely and relevant information and information sources into one place
  • Empowers individuals to stay informed by being able to access information tailored to their needs
  • It is safe and secure; all the resources drawn in are controlled by your organisation, which means the person using the ORB can trust the information to be accurate, up to date and without risk
  • It is free to the person using it; this means it is inclusive to all and low cost to your organisation
  • A shared information platform will encourage and support the delivery of joined up services across your organisation
  • Gives you access to a range of analytics on a pay-per-use basis
  • It can create a healthier workforce by making information easily accessible; supporting professionals to make better use of their time
  • Encourages information sharing between professionals and agencies

How is ORB developed?
A well-developed 5 step pathway

Additional features range from the ability to send automatic communications to selected groups of App users, to real time and in-depth analytics and behavioural analysis. ORB is GDPR-compliant. It holds no personally identifable data, reducing risk and ensuring it is easy to manage.

Our approach

Phase 1: We use our expertise to work with you to build a prototype 

Phase 2: We work with you to refine and create your finalised ORB and to roll this out
across your target audience(s).

Phase 3: Suggest and prioritise ongoing activity within a report for continuous
improvement and further development.

If you would like to get in touch with us to discuss how ORB might benefit your organisation, please contact:

Lewis Gwyther
Marketing and Business Developement Officer
01443 742384  /  07860 273560

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