New Year reflections on work and mental health from Associate, Josh Beynon

The values of compassion, integrity and commitment shine through in everything Practice Solutions does

Our Associate, Josh Beynon, joined Practice Solutions in 2021. He reflects on the transformative effect that aligning his work with his values has had on every aspect of his life.

"The New Year is always a time of reflection for me. What have I achieved over the past year? Where do I want to be in my life next year? Who are the people who have supported me? And finally, what lessons have I learned?

Last year, I was in a much more difficult time in my life: I was over-working myself, burning myself out and struggling to put across my values and link them to my work. When your work and your values don’t feel connected, it can make every day feel hard. I decided 2021 would be the year of change for me so I set out on a mission to put first what I had always loved doing: engaging with people.

After speaking to colleagues and professionals across Wales, I happened to stumble upon Practice Solutions. I never imagined myself as an Associate, nor that my values would have lined up so much with an organisation. Those values of compassion, integrity and commitment shine through in everything Practice Solutions does. The very first conversation I had with Practice Solutions was about the menopause and mental health. Whilst this felt like such a normal conversation to me, it was also so alien in that I hadn’t heard it discussed so openly before.

As I began working for Practice Solutions, I realised these values were not just words on paper but a living, shining example of everything the organisation does and the people it works with. Over time, I have seen how my personal life and happiness has been reflected in and changed because of work and vice versa. I have recently been able to be involved in supporting the national Wales Mental Health & Wellbeing Forum and using my passion for making services better for people a reality. Joining Practice Solutions was one of the best things I could have done for my mental wellbeing and for living and breathing my values."

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