Independent Investigations

Workforce conflict during the pandemic -
Independent Investigations

The Covid-19 pandemic is full of uncertainties, which has meant that every workforce has had to adjust to new ways of working, with large numbers working remotely for the foreseeable future.

The workforce and front-line staff in particular, are grappling with stress and anxiety triggered by the social and economic fall out of the pandemic, which will in turn create an increase in workplace conflict and the likelihood of employee relations cases. 

Workplace conflict can’t be ignored, cancelled or put on hold.

Keeping a grip on workplace relationships is critical, especially when they are being managed at a distance. There is an increased potential for misunderstandings, communication breakdown and unconsidered messaging. There are suddenly new reasons for employees to feel pushed to their limit:

Wellbeing and personal impact of COVID-19

  • Remote working
  • Shock of change
  • Staff shortages
  • Constant uncertainty
  • Sudden shifts of workload and responsibility

CIPD evidence states that with these increased workforce pressures, organisations will experience ‘employee relations challenges like never before’ as they face the combined challenge of COVID-19, recessions, redundancies and Brexit.  Therefore, it is crucial that employee relations cases are managed
in a timely, fair and robust manner.

If investigations are not given enough dedicated time and resources, they can have significant consequences to the productivity and wellbeing of the workforce as well as serious financial repercussions and exposure to potential claims.

Here to help

When there are serious misconduct issues, it can be difficult to determine the best placed person to undertake a formal investigation.

Delegating this complex and sensitive work has the opportunity to relieve the pressure on managers often already facing conflicting priorities, allowing managers to focus on ensuring the wellbeing and sustained motivation of their team.

That is where Practice Solutions can help. No matter how big or small your organisation, or what your needs are, from start to finish we handle every case with integrity, excellence, commitment and compassion.


Our team

At Practice Solutions, we have a team of investigators with extensive experience working in the health and social care sector. They can:

  1. thoroughly investigate complex, serious and sensitive employment issues as well as taking care of minor cases

  2. conduct investigations remotely, where needed, ensuring additional measure are in place to ensure investigations are still fair and reasonable

  3. reduce the stress and potential personal strain that often arises when trying to conduct such processes internally

  4. provide an independent investigator when there is an internal conflict of interest in your organisations, for example, when a manager who would usually deal with the investigation is either a witness to or implicated in the situation.


Added value

Building and maintaining relationships and trust are the backbone of what we do so our involvement doesn’t stop when a case is completed. After concluding each investigation, we are able to facilitate a “Learning Event” with the relevant management team to ensure that lessons are learnt from the experience.  Being able to spot early signs of conflict and initiating early intervention, can really help to assist positive future people management practice.


Want to find out more?

If you would like more information, or speak to one of our team, please contact:

Glenda George

People and Performance Manager
01443 742384

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