How can you maximise the power of digital?

When lockdown struck, it appeared like our digital video team would be going into hibernation for the foreseeable future. After all, most projects involve filming high-risk people in indoor locations. What else could we do? 

Well, the best opportunities are usually found in the toughest of circumstances. Those first weeks gave us the unique chance to evaluate what we offer, experiment, and develop a whole new way of working. It seemed impossible six months ago, but we now have a wider and greater selection of services than ever before that maximise the power of digital tools. Here’s what’s changed: 

New ways of working 

Our newest offering is animation videos, giving you the chance to share important messaging in an engaging and attractive format. 

Lead animator David Peate has spent the past 18 years working on programmes for BBC, ITV and Channel 4. He works with you to define your objectives, storyboard your ideas and design striking visuals. 

Once the video is ready, our digital team can support your social campaign. This includes subtitling, scheduling, sponsored posts, and accompanying graphics. 

There’s no need to worry about location filming or actor budgets; the only limit is your imagination!  

Different ways of working 

Our approach to interviewing has always been to create a relaxed environment and build a trusting relationship. This was something we needed to adapt to the new work environment. Remote interviews are a great way to share information and advice, whether publicly or for your internal team. Our digital team can conduct interviews across a range of platforms, helping to structure your content and edit the footage into concise videos. 

With teams working remotely across the country, it’s never been more important for companies to communicate clearly. This simple approach is a stress-free alternative to filming selfies or conference presentations. 

Safer ways of working 

As the country unlocks, socially-distanced and sanitised filming is the way forward for the immediate future. Having worked with vulnerable people for many years, Practice Solutions always prioritises safety. We now have a series of guidelines to follow for all filming. Every set will be fully sanitised, and all participants and crew provided with PPE. Sets will be limited to 6 people, and everyone must maintain 2m distance at all times. 

For people that are shielding, we use the SeeMe approach to allow participants (or someone in their household) to film themselves. Our team is available over video call throughout the process, and can then edit the footage into professional-quality videos. 

If used effectively digital tools are cost effective and can transform how and why you engage with people. If you’d like to find out more about our digital services, please email, 

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