In 2018 Welsh Government published its plan for A Healthier Wales in response to the Parliamentary Review of the Long Term Future of Health and Social Care. The review recommended one 'seamless system' of health and social care for Wales, focusing on a ‘Quadruple Aim’ to:

  1. Improve population health and wellbeing through a focus on prevention;
  2. Improve the experience and quality of care for individuals and families;
  3. Enrich the wellbeing, capability and engagement of the health and social care workforce; and
  4. Increase the value achieved from funding of health and care through improvement, innovation, use of best practice, and eliminating waste.

The resulting A Healthier Wales is an ambitious plan that addresses these aims, and sets out a National Transformation Programme with key action points and applying design principles to enable staff to guage whether the new innovations and models of care that are created are in line with the overall aims of the plan.

The challenge now for senior leaders is to deliver these changes. Practice Solutions, as an organsation supporting heath and social care improvement, has consulted with a number of leaders from across the health, social care, third sector and housing to explore the issues being faced and to look at what opportunities might be presented.

Read our discussion paper on A Healthier Wales - Making Change Happen here.

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