Practice Solutions is focused on helping organisations from across sectors deliver the changes outlined in The Welsh Government’s A Healthier Wales plan.  We have tailored our expertise to span The Quadruple Aim’, which aims to:
  • Improve population health and wellbeing through a focus on prevention
  • Improve the experience and quality of care for individuals and families   
  • Enrich the wellbeing, capability and engagement of the health and social care workforce
  • Increase the value achieved from funding of health and care through improvement, innovation, use of best practice, and eliminating waste
With our 20 years of cross sector experience, we are uniquely placed to support the implementation of this plan across Social, Health, Public, Private, Housing and Third sector.  We have created tailored offers that will help you achieve one 'seamless system' of health and social care for Wales.
We have catergorised our range of services under:
Organisation Development

We have created a range of services that are designed to drive organisational development forward:

    This is targeted towards senior leaders to help identify and create a healthier workforce.  Our approach has been developed to equip your staff with the skills to adapt to and discover new ways to stimulate innovation, at a time when the sector desperately needs to get the most from its people. Book an initial half-day workshop with us today.

    We offer a range of tailored leadership programmes designed to suit the needs of you as a leader.

  • SeeME
    This programme is designed to give people accessing care and support, the opportunity to communicate what’s important to them through the medium of video. In the constant noise of ongoing changes within health and social care, this has never been more important. With a SeeMe profile a person can choose who to share sensitive and important information about their needs, at their discretion. We work with your staff to help you enact the organisational changes necessary to get the best use from digital technology. Find out more here.

    This is a key approach in developing effective integration of health and social care as outlined in Healthier Wales.  We use co-production as an approach with organisations to enable those providing and receiving services to share power and responsibility, and to work together in equal, reciprocal and caring relationships. 

    Our Programme Management expertise can assist organisations working in partnership to effectively manage the process of transforming services. Our ability to support you to remain on track and facilitate the complex conversations that feature throughout the process of working together helps to improve outcomes for those who access services and the organisations responsible for the delivery.

    Our Review team can deliver bespoke independent evaluations that respond to project objectives and research questions.  We create mechanisms for consistent reporting in response to proposed deliverables, milestones and qualitative and quantitative outcomes. This will be a requirement of any project delivered as part of the Transformation Fund. Our approach also provides the opportunity for involving key stakeholders, such as people who use services and colleagues from across sectors including public, third and private.  We facilitate reflective learning opportunities to help implement changes in working practice that address the findings of our work and target the specific Healthier Wales agenda.
Digital and Innovation

We offer a number of services that explore the use of Innovation and Digital in a Healthier Wales approach:

  • Innovation Forums have quickly become a linchpin for organisations and Regional Partnership Boards to explore new ways of working and best practice around A Healthier Wales.  We have been supporting the West Wales Innovation Forum and if this is an area you want to explore or need to set up in your region, then get in touch: 
  • ORB allows you to tailor information and resources into one easy to use accessible APP, allowing those receiving, or giving, care access to a wide range of bespoke information and services.  We use technology to improve experience and quality of care for users through tools such as our ORB app.  Originally tried and tested with major health and education organisations,  this is a highly adaptable tool that can be tailored to suit your needs (e.g. targeted towards individuals or staff). Discover how you could use ORB by getting in touch with us: 

We recognise that organisations will approach A Healthier Wales from a wide range of perspectives and that is why we work closely with you to create a service that helps you achieve your specific aims; we ensure that new innovations and models of care are created in line with your overall strategic direction. The services listed are just some of the ways we can help and often solutions will cover several of these areas.

All our work starts with a conversation, so get in touch today to see how we can help:
Sarah Day, Chief Executive
01443 742384