Happy World Social Work Day

Happy World Social Work Day

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Today is World Social Work Day. This day provides an opportunity to celebrate social workers whose amazing and inspiring work too often goes unseen and unheard. Not always understood, it is one of the most important and challenging jobs.

Gabe Conlon, founder of Practice Solutions, says:

"The work of social workers and social carers is critical to the well-being of vulnerable young people and adults and there is much good happening. There is a danger however that if we continue to focus on the bad and on the small number of failings, we will drive prospective workers away."

Recruiting and retaining staff is currently a significant issue in social work, which is why it is so important to promote social workers and their hard work and the positive outcomes they deliver to the people they care for.

If you want to find out more about how Practice Solutions can help with staff's well-being, recruitment and retention, please contact Glenda on 01443 742 384 or glenda@practicesolutions-ltd.co.uk.

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