While there are many challenges arising from responding to the Covid-19 outbreak, it is increasingly clear that organisations, teams and individuals throughout NHS, Social Care and our wider public services, have responded in a manner that is as unprecedented as the challenges they face. It is also clear that the genie cannot be put back in the bottle, and therefore the innovation and acceleration in practice and technology should be captured systematically (and where possible contemporaneously) to enable services to emerge, post Covid-19, in a manner which is both safe and transformative.

Engaging stakeholders in capturing novel practice

Throughout the Covid-19 outbreak there have been many anecdotal examples of novel practice being introduced. Many barriers to transformation are reported as being swept away overnight and it is important to understand the changes and outcomes that can and should be sustained longer term for the benefit of all individuals who access services.

We are using four tools to collect and collate information:

  1. A series of reflective (online) conversations with leaders, practitioners and support staff
  2. A written reflective journal, completed by all participants in the reflective conversations and submitted in advance, to maximise use of meeting time and enable discussion to concentrate on stories and case studies that amplify the key messages
  3. An online survey for frontline staff to contribute their observations and reflections
  4. An online sample survey of people who have accessed services during lockdown (for those who have not accessed services, see additional options below).

To downlaod our Good Practice Review methodology please click here.