Digital Stories

What are Digital Stories?

It is not always easy to put into words what you do, or the difference your organisation makes in the lives of others. Digital Stories are films, or videos, that tell the story of how you and your team make a difference; they help you to share what really matters.

We help you to do this by identifying; what really matters, your key messages, how you want to share your story and crucially who is best placed to tell it. Sometimes this may be through the eyes of one person like an individual client, or it could be a family sharing their experience of how your team have helped them.

We can film, edit and produce the video for you, working from an agreed project spec and based on the outcomes you want to achieve. 

Co-Produced Stories

We also specialise in co-produced digital stories.  This means that we work alongside the people who may be accessing your services, to create a video about topics that are important and relevant to them as an individual and to you as the commissioner. 

These projects tend to take longer as there is a much higher level of participation and often represent multiple viewpoints.  We support you to recruit participants and then work closely with them to to develop the story, training participants in the skills needed, such as video production, filming and interviewing and production planning.  

Once filming is completed, we will produce a first draft edit of the video, ready fo the co-production group to review and edit. Once everyone has approved, a final draft is branded and handed over to you. 

Where are digital stories useful?

Digital Stories are effective anywhere you want to help people to better understand the difference you are making.  Our recent work incudes:

  • Working with young people who are looked after to co-produce a recruitment campaign of foster carers in Pembrokeshire.
  • Producing digital stories to inform Council Scrutiny Committees about specific are and support services delivered by social service teams and the experiences of people accessing services
  • Training people with learning disabilities to use digital video equipment to co-produce films that share experience of day service opportunities sin the community

Here are a a couple of videos we created for our client, St David's Children Society, as part of a series of digital video stories to inform potential adopters, commissioners and funders about the charity's work and values.

Learning about adoption and St David's

Getting to know each other


"I just want to say thank you for all you did with and for Mel* during the filming in the summer. Usually when she returns to school in September it takes her a good term to adjust to the change but she has just waltzed back into school this year full of confidence and it’s just amazing to see the difference."

"Her confidence in friendships has changed too (this is an area she has always struggled with and has never really had any long term friends) there have been no ‘friend’ bust ups or arguments so far this year and she has even had her very first invite to a friends house for tea last week which she loved! (and which made me actually cry). So a big thank you from the bottom of my heart .... and we loved the film."

Mrs Philliips*, Mother of participant. 

*Please note names have been changed to protect identity or participant. 

Digital Stories - Testimony Mel

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