National Social Services Citizen Panel for Wales


The National Social Services Citizen Panel for Wales was set up to enable citizens and carers to provide independent perspectives that would inform the implementation of the Social Services Well-being (Wales) Act 2014. We were commissioned to establish a work programme to enable the Panel to provide timely, well-prepared advice to the Welsh Government and engage effectively with the work of the National Social Services Partnership Forum and Leadership Group. 


We used innovative, creative and flexible approaches that were designed to support Panel members to build confidence and voice their views about the services they received. We also worked with the Panel to co-produce materials that would inform Welsh Government and other key stakeholders about the impact of current policy as a user of social care services. These were produced in a range of formats including video, written English and easy read formats.

In addition, we supported them to deliver a workshop at a national conference. It was also a requirement of the project to arrange travel and access for the panel members who were diverse in terms of age, background, gender and ability. 


PSL enabled people to develop awareness and understanding of each other’s diverse experiences of using services and give them a voice to inform change in the delivery of services.

In addition, PSL provided policymakers with a greater awareness about the impact legislation has for people.

We hope this work will leave a lasting legacy as work is undertaken to establish future national and regional citizen panels. 

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