Building strong leadership for a healthier tomorrow

Having strong leadership and setting a culture where an employee’s well-being is genuinely at the heart of the workplace is an important step for the long-term success of an organisation and its workforce.

Delivering complex and sustained change requires people identifying their own direction of travel and having both the motivation and ability to commit to and deliver the change. That is why we ran a breakfast workshop “Building strong leadership for a healthier tomorrow” in February at our offices in Abercynon to discuss the challenges around achieving a healthy workplace and the role leaders must play in encouraging and engaging their staff.

The event was well received and delegates welcomed new and fresh thinking around coaching, neuroscience and having those difficult but crucial conversations. We are planning to continue with these important discussions and will be running quarterly networking events during 2017.  If you would like to know more and find out how we can help your organisation be "fit for tomorrow", please contact Glenda on 01443 742 384 or


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