Building Strong Leadership for a Healthier Wales

Welsh Government has recently set out its ‘Healthier Wales’ plan to address the recommendations of the Parliamentary Review of the Long Term Future of Health and Social Care. One of the four key aims of this plan is to establish a “motivated and sustainable health and social care workforce” to build resilience and enable our staff to “continue to care, maintain and improve their own physical and mental health, and to act as role models to encourage others to do the same.”

A healthy and resilient workforce can increase the sustainability of an organisation, deliver positive outcomes and contribute to the general well-being of society. Yet whilst organisations recognise the importance of well-being within the workplace, changing culture can be a daunting prospect. Having strong leadership and setting a culture where an employee’s well-being is genuinely at the heart of the workplace is an important yet difficult challenge for many organisations. 

Practice Solutions is commited to working with organisations to support workforce well-being and to deliver on the agenda set out in a 'Healthier Wales'.

We wll work with you to identify what practical steps your organisation will need to take and how we could work with you to deliver on those aims. We will:

  • provide an opportunity for senior leaders within health and social care to discuss the challenges around achieving a healthy workplace
  • discuss the role leaders must play in encouraging and engaging their staff
  • explore the benefits of boosting staff well-being
  • introduce practical methods for delivering sustainable change.

Contact Glenda George, for further information] / 01443 742384


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