Bags of happiness

At Practice Solutions, our culture centres around people. After all, we are in the business of caring so it would be ironic not to use our core values in the way we treat our colleagues and people around us.

So we decided to share little bags of happiness with the businesses around us at Navigation Park, Abercynon, to help promote a happy and healthy workforce. Each bag contained a yoyo, some photo props, some sweets and raisins, as well as a leaflet promoting our workforce well-being events.

Well-being shapes the quality of our working lives and colours how we live well. The idea behind these bags was to give everyone a bit of a giggle and an opportunity to take a break, chat with colleagues, find out who the ultimate yoyo champion is and who can take the best “photo props selfie”. It was a also a reminder for businesses of the importance of their staff’s well-being.


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